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Sloths spend 70 percent of their lives sleeping, so if you are lucky enough to see one of the cute critters in person, chances are their eyes will be closed, but one guy not only got to see a sloth in its own habitat, but he got an amazing photo of it. 


Andrew Bloch was hiking through a rainforest when he spotted the sloth. Using a selfie-stick, Block was able to get an incredibly cute picture of the typically shy creature.



Quota user Brian Hoang recently posted a brainteaser involving 12 toothpicks that's wrecking the brains of the entire internet.

The challenge is to turn this four-square pattern into just three squares. The rules? You can only move one toothpick at a time in any manner wish, but you cannot break or modify the toothpicks. 

It might seem impossible, but you'll actually be surprised by how simple it is. If you've given up, or think you have the answer, check out the solution below...

Step 1 one: Take a pick from the top left and place it in the middle to the right of the box. 

Step 2 two: Take another from the top left and begin to form a new square on the far right. 

Step 3 three: Take the pick from the bottom centre square and complete the new square. Easy! 

Now you know how to do, challenge your friends 





22-year-old Ripu Bhatia lost most of his arms and legs after suffering from blood poisoning, also known as meningococcal septicaemia, last year. The New Zealand native came to the harsh reality that he may never perform music again but was determined not to. Using prosthetic arms, the young man was able to make the impossible happen.

Ripu tells Music Feeds Australia, "The last 12 months presented a challenge to me like none I had faced before. I was initially resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to play guitar again. "What I found particularly frustrating was the fact that I had never achieved anything of significance with music, and that I was never able to show people how far I had come."

He continued, "When I initially developed a technique which would allow me to play guitar again, it was more about simply proving to myself that I could do it rather impressing anyone or playing well. The satisfaction was instant, and I was really comforted by the fact that despite my situation I was still able to do many things no matter how impossible they initially might have seemed."

Watch more footage of Ripu perform below. 


ITV announced yesterday (29th June) that they plan to broadcast a sixth weekly episode of Coronation Street.

The announcement was made to the press and in a tweet from the official ITVCorrie twitter account which just said,


In a statement ITV’s Director of Television, Kevin Lygo, said the news reflects the broadcaster's commitment to high quality soaps for a loyal audience,

"I am a life-long fan of Coronation Street and one of the first things I wanted to explore when I became Director of Television was taking the production to six episodes a week," he said.

The additional episode will allow the soap to expand the number of characters and storylines.

John Whiston, who oversees Coronation Street and Emmerdale said,

“From a creative perspective this is an extremely exciting development for the production team, writers, cast and crew who work on our globally renowned soap drama.”

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