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Crossing your eyes may help, or maybe moving back from the computer or phone screen and try looking again.

Everybody loves optical illusion some you get quickly some are nearly impossible 

There's a music icon hidden in the picture below can you tell who it is?

Every time a Jurassic Park has been built always seems to end in disaster, but that didn’t stop a man from creating a miniature park for his pet tortoise.

The pets owner, whose YouTube username is Oliver Turpin, made a video that gives a tour of the new home he made for his tortoise, Louie. The entrance to Louie’s Jurassic Park includes the famed park gates welcoming visitors in the original film. Once inside there are grazing areas, a pool, gates to keep Louie contained, and most importantly, a visitor’s center.

The video plays just like the scene in Jurassic Park where Sam Neill and Laura Dern’s characters first discover the park, complete with John Williams’ score, “Welcome to Jurassic Park,” playing.

Have a look at the video below


The singer will headline the Punchestown Music Festival on July 23rd

Lionel Richie has admitted that the deaths of his close friends David Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali have given him "a wake up call".

The 66-year-old singer says he was "not ready" for their passing and it's been a "big wake up call to get on with my life".

"Whatever it is I was planning on doing, I better do it now. There is no promise of next month, next year," Lionel told The Mirror.

The four-time Grammy Award winner will headline the Punchestown Music Festival this July.

"My new way of touring is where you actually try to survive the tour," he explained.

"Trying to preserve the body is my new ordeal – making sure I survive this thing called rock and roll."

"Stretching is everything. The other secrets are water, sleep and a great diet."

Some good advice from Lionel there.



James Corden is the latest star to be involved in Vogue’s famous ’73 questions’ segment, so it would only appropriate that he would do it in his car

The British born host answered dozens of quick fire questions. James answered questions about ‘Carpool Karaoke, his favourite Disney princess, his go-to cocktail, what David Beckham smells like, and more. 

During the segment, James Corden reveals his who his dream guest for "Carpool Karaoke." and nobody is surprised he named the Queen Bee of pop, Beyonce.

Beyonce has the voice and the hits to do an amazing episode of Carpool Karaoke. But sadly for poor James this is unlikely as Beyonce has not done an interview for two years

Check out the video

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